Hockey is a sport that is a combination of high paced action and hitting the football. This is an incomparable sport which brings pure excitement to adrenaline junkies. This is regardless if you are just one of the spectators or playing the game.

PURE Action

Moreover, the fights in the game have become so common. I mean, this one is a no brainer. Could you think of any other sport in which players can get away with fighting?

Besides, fighting in sports is such a rare occasion which is somewhat a typical event in this sport. This literally made the game two times the fun to watch.

Believe it or not, hockey also has among the strongest sense of traditions in all kinds of sports.

Kids especially in Canada up to North America have grown to this sport and playing it on frozen lakes during winter.

An Old Tradition

It can be said that it is the right of passage for younger generation hockey players to lace up clumsily and skate in the freezing cold bank of some frozen lakes or ponds. Eventually, it has graduated to indoor rinks and becomes more organized. Yet, nothing beats with the sheer pleasure of playing in frozen ponds.