Beginner’s Guide when Betting on Hockey

Would you like to up the ante on the hockey season? As a matter of fact, there’s a way on how you can make it more exciting and thrilling – and this is by betting on the participating teams whom you think will win the match. Thing is, knowing the mechanics on how to become a successful bettor is sometimes confusing and complicated.

If you are one, then you are in luck because in this article, we have compiled simple tips that cover essential hockey betting. For sure you’re all set and in that case, let us begin!

Single Game NHL Bets

The first bet that you will encounter with online sportsbook are totals bet, moneyline bets and puck line bets. All of the mentioned bets will require to wager on the results of a single game and they’re actually a perfect place to start and learn to navigate your way around NHL betting.

Without a doubt, this is where most money pours in online betting and the moment that you have understood the structure as well as operation of single game bets, it will arm you with solid foundation to read and to analyze the whole breadth of NHL bets.

Puck Line Bets

We’ll kick it off with Puck line, over/under and total. When you are betting on puck line, it’s analogous directly to betting on run line in baseball or if in football, betting against the spread. You may even hear puck line being called as hockey point spread betting or NHL spread betting. Underlying mechanics are almost the same to betting on spread in any major professional league in North America.

This bet is quite unique for you’re not just betting on outright loser or winner. Betting on the favorite also means that they should be able to win the game by specified number of goals while betting on underdog is an indication that they should not lose by specific number of goals.

Multiple Game Bets

When betting on hockey at, you might feel a bit overwhelmed as soon as there are several games involved. With more games to be included, there are now higher variables to be taken into account. On the other hand, with this number of variables, it also increases your odds of making higher payout. This is the reason why multiple game bets are one of the favorites for they’re offering huge monetary rewards for every successful bets.