Betting Strategy That’s Often Over Looked

Most of the general public completely ignore this strategy. The way folks are looking at betting is completely in the wrong direction. They are not looking at the right thing. You should bet the way professionals do it.

The Number One Thing That Works In Betting

Focusing Bets On The Closest Value

When betting, you need to focus on value. Value in relation to what is actually going to happen. If there’s one person that made all the money from betting, that person is actually making wise decisions based on value.

To explain further…

Think about bookmakers for a second. How does bootmaker works? The bookmaker takes the probable chance of something happening and then they will offer you a lower price. So for example, if you are going to engage in a coin flip, the chances of winning are 50/50 because there are only two sides – the equal chance. So the price should be even. However, bookmakers will offer you 1.8 or something. They will offer you 80 to 20 payout for a chance of 50/50. Taking the probable chance and offering you a lower price.

Choose A Winning Odd For A Higher Price

Now if you are going to make money, you need to take the probable chance of something happening and bet at a higher price. That’s how it’s supposed to be if you want to make money in betting.

Finding The True Chances of The Main Event

The main issue is finding the true chances of what is actually happening and then finding odds that is the greatest price of the chance. That’s where it gets tricky. So how do you do this?

For a start, you would need to bring down your bets particularly if you are punning. You need to have an understanding of the situation in terms of the betting market and how the betting market is priced not just the event you are betting on.

People tend to focus on the whole race or on the football match. But it doesn’t really matter if you pick the right horse if you got the wrong price. Choosing the wrong price would lead to a loss if you are betting for a smaller price.

Betting Through Bookmakers vs. The Exchange

Straight Punning. You need to pun at a larger price than the probable chance of something actually happening which is in a way the same as arbitrage. When you bet with a bookmaker, a larger price than the price they are actually offering in the exchange. Exchanges are more efficient and particularly starting the price close to the start of the race, therefore, your odds are particularly close to true value.

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