Different Ways to Bet and Win on Hockey

Even for seasoned gamblers who bet on agen bola, placing bets on NHL hockey puts them in a whole new level. Compared to football and basketball, you do not have the luxury to bet point spreads at even to close odds. Rather, you are only left with moneylines ranging from -300 to +250 that is pretty much similar to baseball.

Well at least in the latter, you are given with -1.5/+1.5 run line that could turn -150 favorite into pick’em. Unlike in Hockey, the +1.5/-1.5 puck line is almost the same with the run line but with lots of games in NHL decided by just 1 goal, laying the -1.5 with favorite is already a risk and taking underdog at +1.5 goals may still be a bit pricey for the bettors.

In most cases, the bets on puck lines are being decided in the game’s final minute since the losing team is pulling the goalie for additional attacker. This opens the door for favorite to get easy goals and win by 2. And that is only among the things that you must take into account when you are betting on NHL hockey. Keep reading to learn about different tips that can help you win big money when betting on NHL.

Live Bets has never been so Rewarding

As soon as the puck drops, it all of a sudden changes everything.

Live betting is a nice way of capitalizing on the game when you’ve noticed a team is not playing at their peak performance, key player becomes injured, a goaltender is struggling or when a big favorite has given up early goal.

Ride the Streaks

Much like other professional sport, it is integral to be confident when betting in hockey. If you notice that the teams are on their winning streak and nothing fazes them, there is a chance that they may go down a goal or even get two goals early.

However, when the team is on the losing skid, it feels as if nothing would go on their way again. Players would try hard in putting the team back on track to turn the game around. But that usually makes everything worse because they are getting away from the system to play the game successfully.

Watch out for Special Teams

Special teams play a big factor in the results of the game due to the decrease in NHL scoring for the past two decades. It is difficult to make offense when playing 5-on-5 and thus, power play is typically the best chance of a team to strike.

Just as how you want the teams to have strong power plays, you want as well to check out teams that have units with solid penalty killings.