Rules to Follow when Betting in Hockey

Different bookmaker and betting shop has their own rules and guidelines when betting on hockey. However, there are set of standards that are followed by the industry. So if you are into betting in hockey sports, then you may want to learn the following as well:

  1. Every hockey game only has 55 minutes duration.
  2. Winners/losers will be determined by final score including shootouts and overtime.
  3. If the game ends in overtime and tied then goes to shootout, the winner of shootout is credited with an additional goal. The goal scored in shootout will not be added to team’s total.
  4. If the game has been suspended prior to the minimum 55-minute period, then all bets will be refunded.
  5. If the game has been suspended after the 55-minute period, then the score when the game’s stopped will be used as the result for betting.

Now that you have learned the standard rules in playing hockey, let us now look at the different betting types that you can use. These will be a big help before you place any bets in online sports betting sites similar to Judi Bola.

Money Line

With this type of betting, you only need a team which you think will win. When wagering via money line, there is always an underdog and a favorite. The minus sign is an indication of the favorite as well as the amount that must be wagered to win a certain amount.

Totals (O/U)

Here, the O/U means Over/Under or Total. This is the number of the combined goals in which the oddmaker is expecting to be scored in the game. As for the bettors, they may either wager Over or Under the listed goals.

Oddsmakers are oftentimes associating money line with “O/U” lines. Meaning to say, bettors would need to lay extra cash.

Puck Line

This one is a combination of money line as well as point-spread wager. More often than not, Puck Line is a minus or plus 1 ½ goals. In other words, you can wager on a hockey team to win by 2 or more goals or, you can bet on a team to lose by just a single goal or win outright. Due to the reason that bettors are frequently at a disadvantageous position by taking favorite, oddsmakers are installing positive return.

Grand Salami

This is a one-of-a-kind O/U bet in professional hockey match that’s tied in all games for a certain day. Oddsmakers are creating a figure every day as per the number of available games and bettors may wager either Over or Under the total of Grand Salami.

Total is set by means of adding the listed odds for Over/Under for every game on that day. The Grand Salami would have no action if any game has been cancelled or suspended prior the regulation time of three 20-minute periods.