The Basics of Playing in Your First Live Poker Tournament

It can be overwhelming to play your very first live poker tourney. However, if you have been playing poker online, at home or at a local casino, then you will be quick to adapt to live tournaments. It’s because the strategy and core elements of the game remains the same.

Well on your first tournament, expect it to be loud. Well expect something more if you are in a major tournament, probably the room is easily filled with hundreds of tables and thousands of players. Each are playing at the best of their ability wanting to send you home at the early phase of the game. Ultimately, play with the same level of fun and enjoyment and use it to your advantage in beating other players at the match.

Poker Chips Equal Lifeline

There’s just one basic rule that you have to take into consideration when playing in poker tournament, your chips serve as your lifeline. Thus, it should be in your best interest to protect and prolong its life until the final stage of the tournament. The question left now is, how are you going to do just that?

If you have been playing and practicing poker with friends at home, then you certainly are used to playing for prize and honor. Playing poker at home with your peers are typically a more relaxing environment with tons of hopeless bluffs. Running a bluff on your friend is one of the best experiences when playing poker.

However, when you are in a legitimate tournament, learning when and where to bluff will be crucial in prolonging your sit at the table and conserving your chips at the same time.

Only do such thing if you believe that you have a high chance of winning.

Watch out of Your Stack Size

If you would allow yourself to be blinded by nothing, then you are actually putting yourself in a tight spot. It is best that you take risks in keeping tall chip stacks than letting yourself to take risks and lose it at once.

Have a Goal

It is imperative to know your main goal in the tournament. In this regard, just be true to yourself. What is motivating you in winning the game? Is it the bragging rights that you are the poker champion or the sum of money that you can bag home after the tournament has concluded? This is going to give you direction when playing in cara daftar jayapoker tournament.