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One of the best things when it comes to betting on hockey is the fact that the market is easier to manage than any other sports like the NBA, NFL or college football. There’s not much bettors who are wagering on NHL. Having said that, it isn’t as efficient as it is than the more sought after sports.

Still it Needs a bit of Mind Games

On the other hand, this does not indicate that you can go easy on it. But it is something that you have to ponder before giving a shot.

If you are beating on the closing number on consistent basis, then this indicates that you will have better long term success.

If you are not, then take this as an opportunity in revaluating the process you’re going through.

Probabilities and Stats

And speaking of process, it is very important that you keep yourself aware of the implied probability before making any bets. This implied probability would assist you in making smart decisions in any bets you make.


As a matter of fact, there are numerous stats that can be used in this sport. Some are nonsense but others are extremely useful in predicting the outcome of the game. Thus, assist you in getting a better idea of how bad or good a team is. Some stats that can be used include but not limited to Corsi, Fenwick, Adjusting for Score and Expected Goals (xG).