Why Should You Consider Betting On Hockey?

When the football season is over, it is the best time to consider betting on the NHL – or the National Hockey League. Let’s take a look at a few good reasons on why you should start betting on hockey.

In the video below os a talk from Mark Hoke and Tony Dos. Let’s hear a few good reasons from them.

The top reason for betting on Hockey is that there’s no point spread involved. You are just picking a winner. Because the NHL is so competitive, an A team could win on any given night, there’s a lot of value in underdogs in the NHL.

In football, generally, the home team is the favorite. In the NHL, it is not totally the same. There are a lot of times where you can get an underdog winning the game.

Learn more from the video of Double-Digit Covers below.

Sports Betting Fundamentals – Reasons You Should Bet On The NHL