Urgent Weather Alert: Freezing Temperatures and 2 Feet of Snow Expected

Urgent Weather Alert: Cold Wave Hits US, Lake-Effect Snow and Multi-Car Accidents; Stay Safe and Informed.

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A cold wave is hitting central, eastern, and southern parts of the US, causing temperatures to plummet and reaching mid-winter levels from Midwest to Florida. This sudden change in temperature came as a shock to residents who experienced much milder weather in the past weeks.

First Significant Lake-Effect Snow Affects Great Lakes Areas #

Lake-effect snow events often occur during this time of year near the Great Lakes region as the first significant wintry precipitation.

Western New York, northwestern Pennsylvania, and northeast Ohio are already suffering from heavy snowfall, with Constableville, New York, reporting nearly two feet of accumulated snow. Forecasters warn against difficult road conditions due to heavy accumulation and gusty winds, especially around the Great Lakes areas.

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Snow Days and Multi-Car Accidents Reported Following Urgent Weather Alert #

The severe winter weather has led to several school closures across affected regions, including a whopping 36,000 students in Cleveland alone enjoying a snow day on Tuesday.

Travel became challenging as numerous multi-car pileups were reported, including a 10-car accident near Buffalo that left one child critically injured and a 13-car crash south of Cleveland resulting in multiple non-life-threatening injuries.

Urgent Weather Alert

Bitter Cold Across Eastern Half of the Country #

Tuesday’s highs were in the 30s and 40s in New England and mid-Atlantic, colder in Carolinas. Southeast, Gulf Coast, and North Florida saw highs in the 50s.

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The National Weather Service stated highs are 10 to 20 degrees below average in the eastern US.

Short-Lived Cold Blast Expected To Warm Up Again #

Luckily for those not fond of freezing weather, this cold blast is not expected to last long. During the second half of the week, temperatures will recover and stabilize to near historical averages over much of the eastern third of the country, according to AccuWeather senior meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

However, residents in affected areas are advised to stay alert and take necessary precautions during this urgent weather alert period.

Stay Informed and Stay Safe During This Urgent Weather Alert

The first major snowfall and coldest air of the season affects many Americans’ daily lives. It’s vital to keep informed about current weather and follow urgent local alerts.

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And finally, always remember to bundle up, drive safely, and check in on loved ones as temperatures continue to drop.

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